VR Bieb is a Dutch company that has been specializing in producing training scenarios for healthcare and nursing staff since 2018 when it was still under a different company name. In 2020, the first library came into being, in which customers could access a variety of different training scenarios.

In order to make the training sessions as effective and immersive as possible, the company decided to use virtual reality technology to produce the training content for health and care professionals in the future. Based on this idea, VR Bieb was founded in January 2022. 

The big advantage of VR Bieb’s software is that healthcare trainees now have access to all of the library’s content, with just one subscription. In addition, VR Bieb is always working to produce and upload new content. In this process, the requests of the customers are collected and included.

The G2 4K headset is ideally suited for the use case as it offers a very intuitive and simple user experience. The standalone device has an integrated battery and can therefore be used without a cable. It can also be controlled without a controller using only the gaze.

By using the VR Bieb software, companies in the healthcare or nursing sector can enhance learning content that is often very theoretical with interactive VR experiences. As a result, learned material sticks even better in the memory and more effective learning is achieved.

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