ViVa! Zorggroep provides senior care in the Kennemerland region (North Holland). ViVa! Zorggroep focuses specifically on vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people in its region and offers a wide range of home and district care. This care and support are provided by more than 3,600 dedicated professionals. 

In the first instance, the aim is to ensure that seniors are cared for at home for as long as possible. As soon as this is no longer possible, ViVa! offers many different living options to meet the individual personal wishes of the residents.

ViVa! Zorggroep is always looking for new innovative ways to enrich the lives of the elderly as well as to improve the knowledge of caregivers.

For remote assistance during wound care, they selected the RealWear Navigator 500 together with Microsoft Teams remote support software. This allows medical colleagues to watch the caregiver perform wound care, as well as provide advice and support during the practice. Through this, employees become better educated and learn how to properly treat wounds better and faster.

ViVa! Zorggroep is a pioneer in its industry and manages to not only better train employees through technological innovations, but also keep seniors happy through new activities.

By doing so, they make an important contribution to society and improve the quality of life of the elderly population.

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